The Sam Cooper Union Jack Trial - 14th May 2023

Incorporating the 3rd Round of the Northern British Bike Championship. A classic trial for machines of pre 65 manufacture. With non-championship Twin Shock classes

Announcement: The Stratford upon Avon Club will organise the Sam Cooper Trial to be held under the National Sporting Code. The Standing Trials Regulations of the ACU, and any final instructions that may be issued.
Eligibility: All riders/passengers must hold a current ACU/SACU Trials Registration or an ACU/SACU competition licence. Any rider/passenger from another FMN MUST produce a licence issued by their FMN together with start permission and proof of personal accident insurance.
Entries: To be submitted ONLINE ONLY by Friday 5th May 2023 with an entry fee of £28.00. ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY AT . Entry fees will only be returned if the event is cancelled. Entries limited to 110 riders.
Start:10.00 AM Cow Pasture Barn, Longlands Farm Nr Chipping Camden GL55 6LJ (GR165.416)
Course:One lap of approx. 22 miles, with approx. 35 sections comprising two routes.
Machine Eligibility:Frames, motors, gearboxes, carburettors, hubs and forks shall be of British manufacture, unless otherwise fitted by the manufacturer and have been on general sale to the public before 31st December 1964 for all pre unit classes. And before 31st December 1969 for class 3. There is no eligibility limit for specials. Replica or pattern parts must be physically identical to the original component, except for use in the special class.

Classes - Hardest Route

NBB Championship: All finishers will receive points towards the Northern British Bike Championship. Every rider who completes all rounds of the Championship will also receive an award at the completion of the series.
This event includes the use of public roads. It is the SOLE RESPONSIBILTY of the rider to ensure that their machine is roadworthy and that they and their machine comply with all legal requirements.
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Entry List

NumberNameClubMachineClassStart Time
1Andrew WebbeNorth Derbyshire Youth Club Royal EnfieldClass 110:01
2Mick JamesLoughborough &DMCCMatchless G3 1948Class 110:02
3Harry Stanistreet Sutton Falcons JamesClass 110:03
4Gary ShawSutton FalconsNorton 16HClass 110:04
5Nick NeaveScunthorpeNorton 500Class 210:05
6Carl SmithYorkshire Classic MCCAriel 370Class 210:06
7Mark FrancisYorkshire ClassicMatchless G3LC 400ccClass 210:07
8Guy StanleyCastle ColchesterEnfieldClass 210:08
9Steve Gossop Yorkshire Classic Ariel HT 370ccClass 210:09
10Matthew BibbyThe Motorcycling ClubBSA C15TClass 310:10
11Keith WellsKings Norton MCCBsa Bantam 175Class 310:11
12Jes FlowerYorkshire CMCJames 250Class 310:12
13Nick AthaYorkshire Classic DotClass 310:13
14Kim Waters Scunthorpe Greeves Class 310:14
15Gary FarnellMacclesfieldBSA BantamClass 310:15
16SHAUN BROWNYorkshire ClassicTriumph3taClass 310:16
17Simon WillmoreStafford Auto BSA Bantam Class 310:17
18Bob Sherras North Derbyshire Youth MCCCheetah 250Class 310:18
19Kevin HutchingsSwindon & District MCCBSA BantamClass 310:19
20Mark LucasStourbridgeDrayton VilliersClass 310:20
21Paul BaddeleyMacclesfield BSA B40Class 310:21
22Keith Gardner Bewdley BSA BantamClass 310:22
23Gerry MinshallStratford On AvonBSA Bantam 200Class 310:23
24Edward Gardner Oxford Ixion Tiger Cub Class 310:24
25Rob Goodwin Yorkshire Classic BSA Bantam Class 310:25
26Alan Whitton Manchester 17BSA BantamClass 310:26
27Tony Bradley Leamington Victory Bsa Bantam Class 310:27
28Mike Sanderson BanovallumTriumph T20Class 310:28
29Alan HalfordLeamington Victory MCCTriumph CubClass 310:29
30Daniel HallKing's Norton Drayton Twin 500Class 310:30
31Scott PartridgeRedditchBSA Bantam 186Class 310:31
32Chris NewshamLlangollen MCCGreevesClass 310:32
33Mark WillsThe Motorcycling ClubBSA C15Class 310:33
34Katie WardYorkshire Classic Motorcycle ClubArielClass 410:34
35Joe ButcherEastern Fourstroke AssociationMatchless 410Class 410:35
36Kevin Ellis Oswestry Bsa Goldstar Class 410:36
37Mat MisonBanovallum Matchless Class 410:37
38Merv PowellWye VallyMatchless 350Class 410:38
39Carl Batty Sedbergh MccNorton 500Class 410:39
40Steve AllenDursley Mc&lccRoyal Enfield BulletClass 210:40
41Chris Collins Norwich Vikings MCCBSA C15Class 510:41
42IAN PEBERDYNormandy MCCTriumph 400Class 510:42
43Darren PhypersNorth East London MCCTriumph 350Class 510:43
44Joe WillsEarl Shilton Trials ClubBSA C15Class 510:44
45Gary Baker North East London MCC Triumph Tiger Cub Class 510:45
46Paul HowellsKNMCC BSA Bantam 175Class 610:46
47Steven Hay Kings Norton BSA Bantam 175Class 610:47
48Alan MilesSouth B,hamBsa BantamClass 610:48
49Paul CookStafford Auto ClubFrancis BarnettClass 610:49
50Tim Blackmore Hillingdon And Uxbridge MCC185bantamClass 610:50
51Pete Ashmore Sutton Falcons James Captain Class 610:51
52Matt SpinkStafford AutoJamesClass 610:52
53Gary HawkinsStratford Upon Avon MCCBsa BantamClass 610:53
54Colin FrayManchester 17DOTClass 610:54
55Michael BattySedbergh & District MCCJames CaptainClass 610:55
56Mark Davidson Oxford Ixion Fantic 200 Class 710:56
57Nick BoxallCambridge MatchlessFantic 240Class 710:57
58Kenny PreslyStratford Upon Avon MCCHonda TLR200Class 710:58
59Colin LeeseSouth BirminghamHonda Tlr 200Class 810:59
60Marcus FaulknerBognorFanticClass 811:00
61David WoodStafford AutoMontesa 247Class 811:01
62Carl WinstanleyYorks ClassicAriel 500Class 211:02
63Tony ClarksonYorks Classic250 JamesClass 211:03
64George MarshallStratford-Upon_Avon MCCFantic 240Class 811:04
65Chris PoelStratford-Upon_Avon MCCBSA Bantam 185Class 611:05
66Mick ChapmanStratford-Upon_Avon MCCBSA Bantam 185Class 311:06

Competitors please note

Since the regulations were issued the ACU has issued a statement regarding using RTA Insurance for the event. Each competitor needs to meet the following criteria:-